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Monday, 28 April 2008 21:13

Dear friends & collectors, I started collecting phonecards in the late 80s' and the 1st Phonecard I can remember was a rare french 100 units Landis & Gyr optical-card which I dropped in a booth in Paris ! A bit later, Landis & Gyr became my greatest interest in Phonecards' collecting.

I was first astonished with those monochromatic Phonecards bearing numbers inside their arrows and I decided to discover their secrets. It was very helpfull for me to speak both german and english and I could quickly meet some friends, all over the world, who had the same hobby. I swapped many great cards with my friends and also bought large phonecards collections even if only one card was interesting to me ! From this time my optical-cards' collection started to grow up quite quickly...

After 25 years, I am ready and proud to show my collection with the worldwide rarest optical-cards produced by Landis & Gyr. Now let's have a look at some masterpieces !



Sincerely yours, Alain Knecht (June 2014)

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