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Friday, 09 January 2009 13:07
The purpose of this website is to show, describe and give technical information about optical systems and unusual cards which were never reported in the existing specialized literature !
Question #1 : How to access the cards of the Online L&G optical-cards catalogue ?
Answer : You first need to REGISTER (it's free) and then you will be able to LOGIN with your USERNAME and PASSWORD. Therefore, if you are not yet registered, "Create an account" under the 'Login' button, then fill the form and follow the procedure. You will be able to sort cards per category ("Online L&G Catalogue" section from Content-Menu) or to sort cards per Continents / Countries (Top-Menu).

Question #2 : How to find and list all the cards from a country of my choice ?
Answer : First LOGIN and then select a continent from the Top-Menu in order to access the countries' listing. Also, you may enter the name of the country in the field "Catalogue Search" of the LContent-Menu and then press "GO" in order to see to all the cards from selected country.

Question #3 : How to find out informations about a specific card ?
Answer : First LOGIN and then enter the prefix of the control number of the card in the field "Catalogue Search" of the Content-Menu (without *) and then press "GO".

Question #4 : Where to find definitions for Field-Trials, Engineer, Internal & other cards' types ?
Answer : Click on the link Nomenclature or visit the appropriate section in the Content-Menu.
Question #5 : What is the meaning of "Optical-structure" ?
Answer : Each card is encoded with an optical-structure from n° 1 to n° 26. Have a look at the section "Technical Features / Optical Structures" and download the matrix "Countries / Structures".
For other specific questions, you can e-mail me, i will answer asap.
Last Updated on Friday, 27 November 2009 13:46